segunda-feira, novembro 12, 2007

in the night garden

aqui, desenhos animados passados num jardim encantado para relaxar as crianças, porque

"We became very aware of the anxiety surrounding the care of young children which manifested itself in all kind of directions - but the one big subject that came up again and again was bedtime. It's the classic time for tension between children who want to stay up and parents who want them to go to bed... so this is a programme about calming things down whereas most children's TV is about gee-ing everything up!"

e ainda,

Why should nostalgia be such a powerful force in contemporary culture?

Maybe nostalgia is a significant way of faking a sensation of love - and all media, just like its creators wants to be loved. It tugs at the heart strings and moistens our eyes with a tenderness that certainly feels authentic. It hijacks our fear of the future and provides a haven for the ache for other places and other times.

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